Trump supporters say ‘it doesn’t matter what he says, we’ll support it’

Another day, another disturbing video clip from Trump’s America.

Hot off the heels of the Trump administration’s reported plans to legislate trans identities out of existence, his supporters are still as besotted with him as ever before.

But a new clip, tweeted by a US journalist, displays the startling loyalty of Trump’s supporters.

When a journalist asked MAGA hat-wearers at a Trump rally which topics they were excited to hear the president talk about, their answer was astonishing. They responded:

It doesn’t matter what he says, we’ll support it.

While this might come as little surprise to many, given Trump’s previous comments about women, Mexicans, Muslims and white supremacists, Twitter users expressed dismay at the brazenness of Trump’s supporters.

These videos are particularly distressing given that Americans will soon be heading to the polls for crucial mid-term elections. For many, there is a distinct feeling that their rights could be on the line.

But hey, at least that silly e-mail lady didn't get voted in!

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