Trump tweeted that Kim Jong-un called ‘Joe Bidan’ a ‘low IQ individual’ and people couldn’t handle the irony
Chip Somodevilla/Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Twitter

One could be excused for thinking that during a presidential visit to Japan, Trump might take a break from Twitter.

In between presenting trophies to sumo wrestlers and barbecuing with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Mr Trump is still finding the time to snipe at his political opponents back home.

But maybe not quite enough time to spell check.

In a tweet that really plumbed the depths of deplorability, he gloated over the fact that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un believed Joe Biden to be a “low IQ individual”.

In a glorious twist of irony, the US president wrote "Joe Bidan”.

The tweet was later corrected, but not after #Bidan began to trend on the site.

Arguably, the president's spelling error was the least offensive aspect of the statement.

It's not the first time Mr Trump has stumbled on pronunciation. Earlier this year, a video emerged he was unable to say the word "origins", repeatedly saying "oranges" instead.

In fact, just this week, he misspelt actor Jon Voight's name - while saying thank you for a disturbing endorsement.

This led "John" Voight and Joe "Bidan" to trend simultaneously.

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