Donald Trump is always telling us how smart he is. Remember when he called himself a “very stable genius”?

But it’s curious, then, why someone so smart would have such a habit of misspelling words.

On Twitter he once confused “heel” with the word “heal”, and he’s also confused “pour” with “pore”. And don’t even get us started on “covfefe”.

Though that didn’t stop Trump from criticising a CNN reporter for a typo in one of his tweets.

Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t impressed with the president of the United States taking time out of his day to correct a typo.

To make matters even more ridiculous, Trump made a humiliating typo of his own just hours later.

In now-deleted Tweets, Trump decided to bash the media and reel of a list of world leaders he had met recently. Amongst these leaders, Trump referred to the “Prince of Whales”.

No, not Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales), Trump has met the Prince of Whales. The leader of the marine world…

Trump hastily deleted the tweets, but naturally “Prince of Whales” soon began to trend worldwide.

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