Trump answers for Ukranian president in press conference - then passes his own words off as Zelensky's


Donald Trump and his fans have ended up looking rather foolish after claiming the whistleblower whose complaint has led to an impeachment inquiry was lying. They claim the Ukranian President said he never felt any "pressure" from Trump and yet video footage tells a different story.

The CNN clip shows a nervous Volodymyr Zelensky struggle to address the assembled media before Trump concludes:

In other words, no pressure.

As Trevor Noah pointed out on The Daily Show, that doesn’t seem an accurate translation. It’s almost like Trump and his supporters are ignoring the facts to make the point they want to make. Who’d have thought it?

It seems like Trump might be the one peddling "fake news" or using "alternative facts".

In the clip, Zelensky can be seen awkwardly skirting around the issue. It seems like he really doesn't want to get involved in this growing political crisis, despite being in the centre of it. To be fair on Trump, the Ukranian president didn't say that he pressured him, but he also didn't unequivocally say that he didn't. That assumption was all down to Trump, who puts the words in his mouth shortly after he'd finished speaking.

Better luck next time, Donald!

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