Trump asked where Hunter Biden is and it became an instant meme

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To quote DJ Khaled, Donald Trump is 'On One'. That's if his Twitter account is anything to go by.

With talks of an impeachment growing by the day and embarrassing pictures of the president associating with people that he probably shouldn't have, Trump is doing everything he can to deflect any attention from him.

His most popular go-to subject at the moment is Joe Biden and his son Hunter and their reported connection to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which he wants the Eastern European to investigate before Biden gets anywhere near the Democratic nomination for 2020.

That's a whole other story but as Biden continues on the campaign trail, Trump is a little bemused as to the lack of sightings of Hunter Biden, since this whole fiasco kicked off.

Taking to Twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning, the POTUS asked a very simple two-word question: "WHERE'S HUNTER?"

Now, we're not sure if Trump was asking a serious question or was referencing 'Where's Wally' but this tweet soon took off and quickly turned into a hilarious meme which mocked the president.

Others started to ask where his and Melania's youngest son Barron was.

And what about Don Jr?

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