Ivanka Trump's Instagram stories is having quite a moment.

After the announcement that Abiy Ahmed, prime minister of Ethiopia, had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Ivanka (or her presumably now-former social media manager) posted a story congratulating him.

It wasn't even your basic caption in standard Instagram font - they went all out to put together a cute little collage featuring string lights, a picture of the two of them together and a nice note aimed at Ahmed.

So far, so fresh and fun, right?

Until you actually read the words, and realise that what she's congratulating him on is some sort of "noble" peace prize.

Yep, that's noble as in "a person of high moral principles", as opposed to "Nobel" as in Alfred Nobel - founder of the prize and Swedish 19th century icon who we're going to crown a proto-millennial by virtue of his wildly diverse career and constant reinvention of his personal brand, from chemist, to inventor, engineer, self-taught polyglot and writer.

Granted, in the grand scheme of typos it's not *the worst* ("Noble Piece Prize" would have added an extra level), and perhaps we can be generous and call it a Freudian slip - winning a Nobel Prize could indeed be seen as a measure of nobility, we assume.

As cringey as the spelling mistake is, it's not even the worst bit.

In a painfully relatable twist, it turns out Ivanka's shout-out was irrelevant anyway as Ahmed doesn't even follow her. Bit awks.

HT Sputnik News

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