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Turning Point UK, the British equivalent of the right-wing student movement started in the US by Charlie Kirk, have released two new videos on Twitter, mocking so-called 'champagne socialists'.

In the clip, Chloe Westley and Joel Chilaka, two representatives of Turning Point UK, take it in turns to recite various cliched lines that 'socialists' say, apparently. Oh, and it was filmed in Islington because that's where all socialists hang out.

The parody video sees that pair say things like 'oh Jeremy Corbyn', 'that wasn't real socialism' and 'capitalism's been tried and hasn't worked', which have undoubtedly been said at some point in time by numerous people.

However, the video's attempt at comedy descends from the cringe to the downright bizarre when they start saying things like 'Owen Jones is my spirit animal', 'my iPhone has run out of charge' and order a venti mocha latte over the phone.

Firstly, who orders a coffee over the phone and do you have to be a socialist to be annoyed about running out of phone battery? No comment on Owen Jones being anyone's spirit animal.

Here are the two videos below, which if you can bear to sit through then be our guest.

You hardly need us to tell you that, whatever side of the political divide you stand on, these videos aren't even remotely funny and the replies weren't exactly complimentary of Turning Point's comedy skills.

Beyond the mostly poor comedic timing, the actual production of the video came under intense scrutiny.

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