This twin stood in for his brother's school photo and no one noticed

Marcus Williams / Twitter

This twin stood in for his brother on high school picture day, and no one even noticed.

Marcus Williams, from Greenville South Carolina, didn't feel that well on the day of the high school photographs, so his identical twin brother, Malcolm, took up the mantle and stepped in for him.

Taking to Twitter, Marcus wrote that his bother is 'the greatest of all time' for taking both of their photographs that day.

The tweet has quickly gone viral, with over 250,000 likes, and 61,000 retweets.

On noticing that the two were called Malcolm and Marcus, one Twitter user was quick to wonder about whether they were named after Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, two key activists in the civil rights movement in America.

And Marcus confirmed it.

Then, things got deeper. And it turns out that both the twins have been fully named after the activists - middle names and all.


Some were incredibly impressed by their names.

While others were impressed by the twins for a slightly different reason...

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