Twitter is reportedly removing the 'like' button to 'improve' debate and people are confused


Another day, another Twitter controversy.

But instead of Trump's tweets, Twitter itself is causing controversy. Off the back of the revelation that the man suspected of sending bombs to Trump critics had also been sending death threats via the social media site, people are once again calling on the platform to tackle a culture of online abuse and threatening language.

You might think that Twitter would be unveiling a new set of guidelines or introduce stricter rules, but instead it has reportedly decided to remove the "like" button.

No, we're not sure why either.

The move will apparently be taken to "improve debate". The "like" was introduced in 2015 to replace “favourites”, a star-shaped button that allowed people to bookmark tweets to read later. Though psychologists have claimed that the feature can lead to psychological addition.

Naturally, people have responded to this news the only way they know how: by tweeting. It's fair to say that most people aren't impressed.

But behind the jokes, there's certainly a serious point to be made about how widespread abuse has become on Twitter. This new move certainly seems unlikely to change that.

H/T: Telegraph

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