This 2012 Lady Gaga tweet just became a meme

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Valerie Macon, Screenshot: Twitter / @ladygaga
Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Valerie Macon, Screenshot: Twitter / @ladygaga

Lady Gaga is well-loved by Twitter.

Whether she's tweeting sarcastically about the ‘art police’ or gushing about her ‘talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular” colleagues, Gaga's comments have spawned a series of iconic memes in the past.

But now fans are trawling through her timeline to unearth one 2012 tweet which, as it transpires, is extremely relatable.

It's honestly anyone's guess as to what she was tweeting about then, but a series of Twitter users have started quoting the tweet to illustrate their own frustration in various situations.

Some users took the opportunity to tweet about everyday struggles which are too, too real.

Others have noted that this is the exact noise they make when singing along to their favourite songs.

And some people were, well, just really excited about things.

In a nutshell: Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving, and Lady Gaga is still the reigning meme queen.

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