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Trolls. When will they learn?

Earlier this month Kellogg's tweeted out an innocent advert about corn flakes.

Most people aren't really too fussed about this sort of content as it is completely unoffensive.

But one Twitter user, going under the name Bemused/Amused took exception to this and accused the cereal manufactures of joining "team halal," whatever that means.

They also posted a picture of the back of a box of Special K Protein, which features a halal approved logo in the bottom right corner.

All this means is that the product, which contains animal by-products, is completely kosher and has been made according to Islamic law.

Quite why this would annoy somebody to the extent that they have to boycott cereal is beyond us - but Twitter had a field day with this very weird tweet.

Things got very silly, very fast.

HT Mark Somers

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