'UFO crash' suspected in Alaska after strange cloud appears in the sky

'UFO crash' suspected in Alaska after strange cloud appears in the sky
Mira Sorvino claims to have seen a UFO

People are suspecting that UFO crashed after an odd cloud over a mountain in Alaska became visible in the sky.

On Thursday, people in Alaska started to notice that there was a strange cloud formation above the Lazy Mountain in their state. Images of the cloud began to make waves online after one user shared pictures on Facebook.

"Not sure what, but it looked cool," read a post on the social media platform alongside the shocking images. Folks immediately took to the comments to share that they thought it was a UFO or even a meteor.

For many people, as soon as they see something that looks off in the clouds their first instinct is to suspect that an extraterrestrial event has occurred. And while authorities have developed a sound explanation of the cloud's appearance, that hasn't exactly stopped people from theorizing that there was a spaceship of sorts involved.

Being that so much attention and speculation occurred, authorities were seemingly forced to step in.

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The Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center started an investigation of whether there had actually been a plane crash and released a statement that said: “'There have been no reports of overdue aircraft or ELT activations indicating an aircraft crash.

“A rescue team on a helicopter flew a mission around the Lazy Mountain area this morning and located nothing suspicious and there were no signs of crashed aircraft.”

Still, that didn't deter people from their beliefs.

"I saw it and it certainly looked like a plane going down. But I am guessing we would’ve heard something by now," wrote one person.

Another person wrote: “Looks like a meteor. I wonder where it landed," while someone else simply said. "Ufo crash."

One cynic even said, "Hello Russia!!"

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