14 ways to keep cool during the heatwave

14 ways to keep cool during the heatwave
UK Heatwave: Drought expected to be announced for some regions

In news that won't shock anyone reading in the UK: It's very hot.

A new heatwave has hit the UK which comes amid a water shortage around the country with some regions expected to announce that they are in a drought.

Water boards around the nation have announced a hosepipe ban after weeks and weeks of little to no rain. This comes just a few weeks after record temperatures scorched the country which have left many fields and grassy areas dry and coarse

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So what's a person to do to get through the next few days without melting? Here are some top tips and tricks to mitigate the worst impacts of the weather:

1. Close curtains and blinds

This stops the sun getting in.

2. Choose your meals carefully

Turning on the oven is going to make your house scorching so it is salad weather, people!

3. Stay hydrated

We can't stress enough how important this is.

4. Ditch the duvet

This goes without saying.

5. Take cold showers

We wish we could work from the shower.

6. Get a fan

And sit by it all day.

7. Try and keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm

This is when it will be at its peak.

8. Avoid alcohol

It may be tempting to go to a beer garden and wait until it all blows over but alcohol dehydrates you - as does caffeine.

9. Put your clothes in the freezer

Then when you put them on they will be nice and cool.

10. Only open your windows at night

It may be tempting to open your windows and let air rush in but in the day, you are letting warm air in. At night, cool air will help you home get into a better state.

11. Turn your tech off

Tech products generate heat. And if that isn't something you can tell your boss so they just let you turn off your laptop and have the rest of the day off, we don't know what is.

12. Buy house plants

“Planting trees and vegetation and the creation of green spaces to enhance evaporation and shading are other options, as temperatures in and around green spaces can be several degrees lower than their surroundings," the NHS says. Sounds good.

13. Avoid strenuous exercise outside

This isn't jogging weather, people.

14. Spend your whole day in the supermarket chilled aisle

This isn't that realistic, but we are tempted.

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