Is a snow blizzard about to hit the UK? Here's what we know

Darren Richman
Friday 21 February 2020 12:45

After storms across successive weekends, the UK could now face even worse conditions with strong winds liable to whip falling snow into a blizzard.

The rain currently affecting the south east will soon move eastwards. Freezing temperatures might also lead to rain, sleet and snow falling across Britain.


The forecaster at the Met Office, Matthew Box, said:

We have strong wind warnings out for Friday in south east Scotland and north east England. They could hit 55mph to 65mph. There will also be widespread coastal gales across the north of Scotland and Northern Ireland. We could have blizzard conditions at a time if you're stuck on the top of a mountain.

There are also warnings in place in Wales, northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Stay safe out there, folks, because it looks like there’s another cold weekend approaching.

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