Ivanka Trump says climate change activists won't solve anything by having a 'purely pessimistic outlook'

Ivanka Trump has praised the teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg for her work in the area but believes that a "purely pessimistic outlook" will not solve the problem.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump did not directly echo the words of her father on Thunberg, who this week in Davos had been labelled by the president as a "prophet of doom" and moaned about her taking the Time Person of the Year award from him.

However, Trump did add that she believed that pessimism from climate change activists, despite their "energy and voice" will not solve the crisis that the Earth is currently facing.

Speaking directly about Thunberg, who has also been in attendance at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the advisor to the US president said:

I am fundamentally a believer in the power of optimism. I’m not going to criticise anyone who’s bringing their energy and voice.

That’s not my style. I think she’s elevated awareness and that’s a positive thing.

She then added that people should be seeking solutions rather than spreading fear and worry about the future.

I believe in American innovation and global innovation. [Having] only a purely pessimistic outlook is not going to help us solve the problem.

Early into Trump's presidency, it appeared that Ivanka was going to be a champion for the climate but after the US withdrew from the Paris climate accord she hasn't been as vocal.

People are far from impressed by this latest line from Ivanka who has been accused of being a hypocrite, whose heavily criticised and defunct fashion label was hardly a benefit to the climate.

In addition, the 'just be optimistic' line is unlikely to actually reserve climate change, no matter how positive we all are, especially with climate change deniers like Trump in power.

HT New York Times

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