Ukip has turned a genius Christmas card into something of a nightmare

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Tuesday 02 December 2014 13:30

This, as reported by Guido Fawkes , is a very witty Christmas card from Ukip.

The artwork, by the Telegraph's genius cartoonist Christian Adams lampoons Emily Thornberry's already-infamous tweet of a house decked with three English flags during the Rochester by-election, which led to her resignation from the shadow cabinet.

News that the party was using his image was not exactly welcomed by Christian Adams, who tweeted that they had not asked him for the rights, although he later added it "appears to be a genuine mistake".

A senior Ukip spokesperson told that the party had since donated the fee to the Telegraph's Christmas charity campaign, saying they were "delighted that the Telegraph have decided to take this course, honour served in all quarters".

Nice save, and it could always be worse...

A lot worse.

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