Here's why the tractor has become a symbol of resistance against Russia

Here's why the tractor has become a symbol of resistance against Russia
Ukrainian farmers tow abandoned Russian tank away with tractors

The world has backed Ukraine's incredible show of resistance since Russia invaded Ukraine three weeks ago. And now, powerful symbols have been birthed to represent their fight to defend their country — one being: a tractor.

The humble tractor as a compelling representation of Ukraine might initially have people scratching their heads. But, it has become synonymous with Ukraine's underdog fight.

Photos and clips that reportedly show Russian military vehicles being hauled away by tractors have spiralled on social media. While there's been no verification about the scenes, they have since transformed into viral talking points, memes and t-shirts.

The tractor has become a representation of Ukrainian's refusal to back down. It also highlights Russia's ineptitude at invading its neighbour.

In the first clip that circulated just four days after Putin's "full-scale attack" on the country, a tractor effortlessly tows away a Russian tank and a person seemingly chases after it.

"Ukrainian farmer steals Russian tank from right under the nose of the Russians who occupied it," the caption read.

A second made the rounds on social media that allegedly showed "a simple Ukrainian tractor [taking] a tank from Russian soldiers."

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While the validity of the social media clips remains in question, masses of people, including the Ukrainian state services, have backed the symbolism.

Ukraine's National Agency for the Protection against Corruption announced that any captured Russian tanks or armour do not have to be declared.

In a statement, they said: "Have you captured a Russian tank or armoured personnel carrier and are worried about how to declare it? Keep calm and continue to defend the Motherland!

"There is no need to declare the captured Russian tanks and other equipment because the cost of this ... does not exceed 100 living wages."

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