Man fuming after accidentally forking out £666.50 for a veggie burger

Man fuming after accidentally forking out £666.50 for a veggie burger
The Prince and Princess of Wales are fans of vegan burgers!

A man woke up to a huge chunk of money taken from his bank account after accidentally forking out £666.50 for a veggie burger – which should have cost £6.50.

Toby Wilson, 35, unknowingly spent hundreds on the meal at a food van Efe's Kebab Kitchen on his way home from a night out.

It wasn't until he checked his bank account days later that he noticed his balance had dropped "significantly".

When the HR manager at the food van was contacted, Toby was reportedly told to seek a refund through his bank.

More than a month later, he claims the pair remain at a stalemate over any possible repayment of the costly late-night dinner.

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Toby explicitly believes no fraudulent activity has taken place but said the initially "funny" saga had caused him unending weeks of "stress."

He expressed his frustration, admitting that, at first, it was a "funny story."

However, he believed the innocent mistake would be sorted out quickly. "The bank is very slow at doing things," he explained. "They said, 'have you got a receipt?' The human aspect of it is I don’t. No one has a receipt for things like that.

"I have a mortgage and bills to pay. It is just very worrying. The point is the money is mine, and it’s a significant amount."


Business owner Ahmed Abdullah told a local paper that he had wanted Toby to talk to his bank for safety reasons, adding: "This is the legal way."

Toby, from Manchester, said he'd travelled to York for a friend's reunion just before Christmas last year and had purchased the pricey meal at around 11pm.

"I am a non-drinker. Maybe it would be different if someone was drunk and just stumbled into to get a kebab and got it all wrong. But that’s very much not the case," he continued.

"I just ordered a veggie burger and chips, and I looked at my bank balance a couple of days later, and I was like: “What’s going on? It’s significantly lower."

"It was like: “No way, this can’t be real!"


His worries led a friend to ask the food van owner whether they could refund him the additional £660 he'd paid. However, Toby claimed the owner redirected him to the bank.

"Being a large conglomerate, they have rules to follow and things like that," Toby said. "I explained the story to them, and they essentially need him to say 'Yes, it’s happened.'"

Toby remains stunned that he managed to spend hundreds on a burger and chips meal that should have cost him a few pounds in loose change.

He said: "Sometimes I still look it now and think 'Was it definitely that?' I look at the bank transfer, and it’s got the name of his business."

The food van owner said on Friday (Feb 3) he was speaking to his card machine company to see if they could provide proof £666.50 of Toby’s money had gone into his account.

He said: "I’m talking to them to prove that the money is in my account or not. If they prove it, or if they don’t prove it, I’m going to tell him."

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