We asked former university students what they wish they had known before Freshers’ Week

We asked former university students what they wish they had known before Freshers’ Week

It’s officially Freshers’ Week: the welcome period for all new students who’ve packed up and are ready to embark on their new journey at university. Despite the name, let’s face it, the ‘week’ is almost definitely an understatement.

While this new chapter can be daunting and it’s completely natural to feel anxious, everyone is in the same boat. All first-years have been through the motions of: Did I forget something? Will I have enough money? What if I hate my flatmates? Will I get judged if I bring my childhood stuffed teddy – of course not; you will be fine.

This is the perfect time to have fun and make long-lasting memories – some of which you probably won’t remember anyway.

It’s fair to say that Freshers’ Week and the entirety of student culture is hyped up to be non-stop seshes, going out and meeting new people – which sure, it can be if you want it to.

Equally, if boozing isn’t for you, there’s still a catalogue of fun activities to make your Freshers’ worthwhile.

To help you have the best start to your university year, we asked former students what they wish they had known.

Don’t blow your student loan too early – it needs to last at least four months, not four days. Put £500 in your savings and forget it exists – when you overdo it, you have backup cash.

Take advantage of catching up on sleep after heavy nights out. These ‘free’ days won’t last for long once lectures kick in.

Go out and meet new like-minded people – they’ll be the ones to help you through all-night library sessions one day.

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a great game to break the ice at pre-drinks.

Try not to develop romantic feelings too early – get to know everyone first.

Get involved in everything, including sports and other fun societies. People are in the same boat as you, so don’t feel intimidated.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry – you will spend much more than you actually need to.

Move away from home if you can. This way, you will push yourself out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, meet cool new people and explore a new city.

If you’ve requested to live with ‘tidy people’ – the accommodation will likely ignore you. Be prepared for mess.

Most student nights are super chilled – you don’t need to wear heels if you’re wondering, unless you want to, of course. Trainers are your new best friend.

Take advantage of student discounts. They are lifesavers and you’ll actually save a lot of money.

Take plenty of clothes – trust me, you won’t be feeling up to washing anything the first week.

Join relevant Facebook groups before starting your lectures. Most universities have them – this way, you can familiarise yourself with people on your course.

Take advantage of Freshers’ fairs – there are plenty of freebies, useful information and tons of student-only offers.

Don’t feel pressured to “do anything” you wouldn’t normally do or feel comfortable with.

Try not to worry too much; no one is judging. Just go out and have fun!

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