Tomi Lahren calls people who care about a child dying at the US border 'snakes' and 'pathetic'


A seven-year-old Guatemalan girl named Jackeline Caal died in the custody of US Border Patrol last week after crossing the border with her father.

MSNBC is reporting that she did not receive emergency medical attention for an hour and a a half after showing symptoms of dehydration and exhaustion.

The death of a child in the custody of US Border Patrol is a grim sign of the times, as Trump threatens to shut down government to pay for his border wall and the rhetoric surrounding migrants becomes more and more poisonous.

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, who recently said that the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving was watching Border Patrol tear gas civilians, and also inferred migrants will bring AIDS to the US, waded into the argument in typical Lahren style.

Rather than mourn the girl who died, Lahren called people mourning the girl’s death "snakes” and "pathetic".

Naturally, given the obvious fact that someone in custody of the state is America’s responsibility, people have fired back on Twitter.

Previously Lahren has praised Border Patrol for how it looks after children.

So it seems that Border Patrol are responsible in Lahren’s eyes when things go her way, but not when they go wrong. Hmm.

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