Democratic electoral systems across the world differ and can be complicated but at their heart is a simple truth: whoever gets the most votes, wins.

This is what happens in the US election – whoever wins the most votes in the electoral college, is president.

And in order to know who has the most votes, people must count them.

Unfortunately, incumbent president Donald Trump doesn’t seem to quite get this, which is perhaps why he has been so thrown by seeing the change in the election race as more votes are tallied up.

It’s why in some places where he is trailing rival Joe Biden, like Arizona, he’s demanding more votes are counted.

But in others, like Michigan, where Biden was announced victor, Trump issued commands to stop counting the votes.

Right then.

And his supporters have heard him.

Terrifying video shows pro-Trump demostrators turning up to election offices in Detroit, Michigan and demanding that they “stop the count”.

Officials were counting absentee ballots but the Trump campaign said they’d launched a legal challenge to pause the process after claiming they’d not been provided “meaningful access” to vote counting locations.

Protesters also tried to force their way into the building but were blocked by guards.

Despite the efforts of the demonstrators, Michigan was later (fairly) declared for Joe Biden.

And videos circulating of the bizarre showing quickly got the meme treatment.

Nostalgia featured.

While people couldn’t believe the scenes were real.

Sadly they are.

What happens next is anyone’s guess...

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