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While we often hear about the perpetrators of mass shootings, it’s rare that the names or identities of the victims are highlighted.

Over the weekend, The Washington Post made a statement by printing the name of every single person killed in a mass shooting since 1966.

The shocking list reached 1196 and spanned 12 entire pages of the Sunday print edition.

The newspaper tweeted:

Eleven hundred ninety-six. That’s the number of names on this page. People who were doing ordinary things until they were shot to death by killers bent on mass fatalities.

In a reply, the newspaper clarified that due to the acceleration of these acts of violence in recent years, roughly a third of the nearly 1200 victims listed died between the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and the massacre in Dayton last Sunday.

In a statement, Martin Baron, executive editor, said:

This is a moment to reflect on the horrific human toll of mass shootings in our country and to remember the individuals whose lives were cut short.

The Post received praise in response but were also asked the print the names of victims of different crimes.

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