Victoria Derbyshire says ‘oh my god’ live on BBC News after high heels mishap

Victoria Derbyshire was left wrong-footed when she was late presenting a news bulletin because she was struggling to put her shoes on.

The broadcaster apologised to viewers after she was late arriving at her mark at the start of the headlines on the BBC News channel.

As the 9am bulletin began, with the camera sweeping across the newsroom, Derbyshire could be seen in the background bending over.

As the camera came to rest on the stage, the set was empty and she could be heard saying; “Oh my god,” before she rushed into shot.

As she arrived in the frame, she said: “Sorry about that delay, good morning,” before introducing the headlines.

After she was questioned about what had happened on Twitter, Derbyshire wrote: “oh god, I couldn’t get my very high heels on.”

She also shared a picture of the offending shoes, which were high heeled black stilettos with tassels on the back.

Viewers were amused by the mishap, with one writing: “The Gays are DELIGHTED with the heel drama AND the professionalism in that not interrupt between “sorry” and news!”

Another replied: “This is the best news today … nice shoes.”

You see, even veteran news presenters have nightmares with the shoes.

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