Vote Move: A third option in the EU referendum no one seems to be talking about

Photo: Getty/Matt Cardy
Photo: Getty/Matt Cardy

People of Britain, we feel your pain.

We too are uninspired by the Remain campaign and infuriated by Vote Leave.

We too are tired of the constant barrage of misinformation.

We too just want it to be the end of the week and this referendum to be over already.

But what if there was another option that those pontificating Ukippers, European bureaucrats and lacklustre Establisment politicians had kept quiet about about?

A third way.

A better way.

What if there was the option to Vote... Move?

Introducing: Britain Stronger In South America.

Using Nasa photonic propulsion technology, one million British minds and groundbreaking technological advances in British industry, we will be able to relocate Britain just five miles off of the coast of Argentina by 2026.

Maintaining full democratic control of Britain whilst enjoying free trade as part of the Union of South American Nations.

With an already strong set of allies in the region such as the Falkland Islands and Guyana, we can expect a smooth transition from Europe’s miserable climate to the bliss of the South American continent.

Think Britain. But with more sun, more fit people on beaches, and less Isis, apparently.

Economically, it just makes sense, and small business owners are all for it. Take this young culinary entrepreneur, who is voting Move for access to the bigger, juicier chicken market - which will leave more money to spend on sides.

There are sound social and cultural reasons to relocate the country to South America too.

Vote Move's campaign materials point out, for example, that we will be able to end our reliance on fake tan: with real tans available year round, orange bed sheets and that horrible biscuity smell will be a thing of the past.

Also: empanadas! With around 11g of protein per 100g, the increased protein consumption of empanadas will lead to a more muscular population.

Wake up, people: this entire referendum on the EU isn't a real choice. It's just a fantasy fed to you by the mainstream media.

Why choose between sovereignty and prosperity when we can have both, plus sunshine, off the coast of Argentina?

For more information and to make your vote count on Thursday visit

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