Council apologises for 'causing alarm' with emergency plan in case 'you need to flee your home immediately'

Wandsworth Council accidentally sent people into a panic by publishing a list of emergency items to bring if you "need to flee your home immediately".

People wanted to know what the south London borough might be anticipating.

The tweet, which recommended people prepare a bag containing items like a torch, whistle and first aid kit, was criticised for causing unnecessary anxiety.

Wandsworth Council apologised for the alarm.

They went on to explain that the tweet was part of a series "advising people how to be prepared in different situations".

The #30days30waysUK campaign the council were promoting aims to encourage "household and community preparedness" in a "world increasingly impacted by climate change and a wide range of risks".

It appears that the tweet intended to dispense general advice and is not a precursor to a zombie apocalypse, as some people jokingly predicted, or any other type of disaster.

Indy100 contacted Wandsworth Council to try to shed some light on the types of emergency a "grab bag" might be useful for.

A spokesperson responded:

This is part of an annual national campaign, supported by many public bodies up and down the country, including councils, the NHS, police and fire services, and is aimed primarily at those in vulnerable situations who may need to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.

This includes people living in a flood risk area, victims of domestic violence or those who may be affected by a gas leak or a power cut. This national campaign simply urges people to be prepared for sudden emergencies.

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