We have reached peak Mail and peak Express on the same day

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached peak Mail and peak Express on the same day.

Both papers have put a story on the front page about asylum seekers being transported by limousine by a contractor, and the £3,000 bill being footed by the Home Office.

The seven men were transported to Manchester from Longford, where they had been staying alongside another 100 reported asylum seekers, before being dispersed.

A Home Office spokesman said the limousine was hired by the contractor Serco:

Contractors arrange the transport of asylum seekers and bear the cost. However, this incident was totally inappropriate and Serco has apologised. We have expressed our strong disapproval. There was no additional cost to the taxpayer.

While any unnecessary cost to the tax payer is deplorable, we can think of a few worse ones.

Meanwhile, the Mail adds this detail:

Residents say the migrants wander the streets or sit on walls outside people's homes because they have nothing to do.

They claim more than 100 lived in the village at one point.

One 85-year-old called Ray, who has lived in the village since 1955, said the houses on either side of his were taken by asylum seekers. He claimed they often congregated threw cigarette butts into his garden, and once banged on his window.

Good lord. How deplorable.

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