Life can get a bit vanilla sometimes, can't it?

You should learn to mix things up a little, add a little variety to the dull monotonous existence it feels like we all lead.

And what better way to do it than with food?

Here are some weird things to try out in the kitchen, recommended by Reddit users.


My mom would make me cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches when i was a kid, they're pretty damn tasty.



Cream cheese with a bit of strawberry jam on a plain bagel is delicious.



Strawberry jam on McD's hashbrowns



Peanut butter on a beef burger. My ex and I went to a bar and they sold a burger with peanut butter. I thought that was weird. One day, I was having a McDonald's specialty burger (Angus beef, huge portion) when I started craving for peanut butter too. I tried the two together and it was amazing.



Hot cheetos doused in pickle juice.... oh.my.god.



Next time you're at the movies and get popcorn, ask for a side of nacho cheese and dip the popcorn in it.



SPAM. Everyone immediately thinks it's some kind of gross mystery meat. No. It's f*cking delicious. It's like bacon only a little bit saltier.



A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Peanut butter and mustard sandwich. Sweet and tangy, and good.



Applesauce and fresh bacon. Dark chocolate chunks optional but highly recommended.



Peanut butter & tomato sandwiches.

I judged the idea first too.


And now you know.

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