A woman called the police on a group of humpback whales

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There is an ongoing problem in America where people are calling the police to report others for seemingly just existing and going about their day.

It's a horrible and persistent situation that doesn't seem to be going away but we think it may have peaked as last week a family in Puget Sound, Washington, called the police on a school of whales.

Yes, you read that right. The police were called because a trio of humpback whales, out in the wild, got a bit too close to a boat.

In a video originally posted on Facebook by Darren Lucianna, you can see the whales approach the boat which is initially greeted with amazement until they start to go underneath the boat.

This prompts a few worried cries and concerns that they might be toppled over by the large sea mammals, who are mostly considered to be gentle giants.

Darren does his best to keep everyone focused on the natural wonder that is happening right in front of them but we do hear, what we can only presume is his wife literally call the police to tell them what is happening.

She says:

I'm out in Puget Sound and there are three grey whales right underneath our boat and I'm afraid that we might get flipped over and I'm scared.

At this point, the boat is driven away to safety and no harm is done to anyone.

Shortly after, the woman explains that she just wanted to call the police in case the worse did happen and wanted someone to know where they were, which is pretty sensible really.

You can watch the full incident in the video below.

Footage of the moment has since made its way on to Twitter and everyone is making the same joke.

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