What happens when you put an £8k Apple Watch between two incredibly strong magnets

It's fair to say that Apple products draw a mixed reaction from consumers. While some will queue round the block overnight just to get their hands on the latest iPhone or MacBook, others like to take a slightly different approach.

Some have stuck iPhones in blenders, others have resorted to dropping them from a height, someone even put one in a lava lamp.

Upon the release of the Apple Watch, we're pleased to see this fad for destroying Silicon Valley's finest tech products in increasingly elaborate ways hasn't diminished.

The team at TechRax gathered together two extremely powerful neodymium magnets, placed a gold Apple Watch Edition worth around £8,000 between them and watched 650 pounds worth of force do its thing.

Amazingly, the Watch still had some life in it at the end. Watch the full video here:

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