What the ten most popular videos on YouTube teach us about humanity

10. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Views: 587,454,503
What it teaches us: Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. Actually, no it doesn't, just that Lady Gaga was only getting started.

9. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Views: 658,197,899
What it teaches us: Miley Cyrus likes Dr Martens more than she adheres to the rules of science.

8. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) - Shakira featuring Freshlyground

Views: 674,412,959
What is teaches us: That Shakira makes everything better, as do music videos interspersed with footage of Jens Jeremies getting lary.

7. Gentleman - Psy

Views: 691,606,508
What it teaches us: Psy is not a total one-hit wonder, but also possibly weirder than we thought.

6. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock

Views: 694,410,690
What it teaches us: Robots and big hair are cool. As is not taking yourself too seriously.

5. Love The Way You Lie - Eminem featuring Rihanna

Views: 702,197,401
What it teaches us: Not a lot, unless you happen to be writing a thesis on mixed metaphors.

4. Charlie Bit My Finger - Again! - Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr

Views: 719,967,310
What it teaches us: That you can easily monetise your children in the digital age.

3. On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull

Views: 758,241,359
What it teaches us: That rapping standards have slipped drastically - "Now, now pump-pump-pump-pum-pum-pump-pump it up / And back it up like a Tonka truck." Right...

2. Baby - Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

Views: 1,043,791,738
What it teaches us: That we are basically doomed. And Justin Bieber is really into bowling/stalking women.

1. Gangnam Style - Psy

Views: 2,006,909,864
What it teaches us: That there is hope. And that, somehow, a near-ubiquitous video with over 2 billion views is still not completely and utterly annoying.

All YouTube views correct as of June 6.

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