The world may have welcomed in a new year, but it appears 2016 will be marred by the same old bigotry as 2015, 2014, 2013 and on and on.

The latest round of ignorance came via the Twitter account of a man called Naj, who asked his followers whether it was acceptable for a school teacher to be gay.

Apart from the obvious fact that, at least last time we checked, sexual orientation is not something that is transmitted to another person (and who the hell cares anway?!), Naj made a bit of a grammatical error.

Both his poor grammar and ignorance were quickly picked up and beautifully destroyed by @haitreason, who came back with this:

The riposte has since been re-posted by Equality House, a humanitarian organisation, and actor and model Ruby Rose and retweeted and shared hundreds of thousands of times. has contacted @haitreason to get his reaction to the fantastic response his tweet has received

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