These are the signs of a failing relationship


It's safe to say that usually relationships bring out the best in us - being with someone romantically can help us flourish, support and guide us through the maze of traps we call life.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

A group of people have taken to Whisper to share their stories of being in a relationship that’s been dragging them down.

Here are some of their confessions:

Some people feel like they're being held back:

I’m starting to feel like my relationship is holding me back. I’ve really slacked off since he walked into my life just because of how stressful our relationship has been. I miss focusing on me.

I love my boyfriend but he’s not ambitious and that’s something that’s really important to me in a life partner.

I love my boyfriend but I think about breaking up and just leaving because I need to travel. I feel like he brings me down and holds me back from life.

I love my boyfriend a bit too much, and it keeps me from being happy. I wish I could be more independent.

My boyfriend laughs when I tell him my career goals and what I want to do… him not supporting me and thinking I cant do it makes me want to just prove him wrong.

And for others, things sound controlling:

I feel like my boyfriend holds me back. I let him go to concerts and do whatever he wants but I’m not “allowed” to go to parties or do anything by myself.

Some just feel dragged down:

I love my boyfriend and all, but he stresses me out because he’s constantly bitching. And at this point I think my career is more important than him.

I hate the way my girlfriend brings me down. I miss respecting myself and having my own identity.

And it’s not always romantic partners:

I feel as if my best girlfriend is dragging me down a road to hell. I love her to death but her negativity is killing me. Idk what to do.

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