23 photos and videos that show the brutal reality of the White House protests last night

Demonstations around the USA erupted over the last couple of days as people took to the streets to protest police brutality.

The death of George Floyd, a black man, in Minneapolis while in police custody has created a nationwide conversation about police brutality and violence, and has seen many people gather to protest.

People have been protesting outside of the White House for three days.

Protesters started in the centre of the city, before moving towards the White House.

Some spray painted government buildings.

People gathered outside the White House in huge numbers, and took a knee while they chanted.

Some protesters jumped the barricade put up by the police outside Lafayette Park, which is the park leading up to the White House.

Police detained protesters, and military police were brought into the frontline.

Protesters set up ways to help each other, including a first aid station for tear gassed people.

Some fires were set outside of the White House, as papers reported that Trump was taken to a ‘secret underground bunker’.

People pointed out that this was the first time in decades that the lights on the exterior of the White House had been shut off.

An altogether extraordinary night.

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