Thousands flocked to pubs across England on Saturday after they reopened for the first time since being forced into lockdown in March.

But not everyone was happy about it… mainly because huge crowds flooded to places like central London where it was almost impossible to socially distance.

Footage emerged on social media of thousands cramped and socialising onto streets, all without wearing masks or keeping at least a meter away from others.

But some people felt the need to rush to the defence of the pub-goers.

These people began comparing the crowds gathering in pubs with crowds gathering for Black Lives Matter protests and saying it was “hypocrisy” to be critical of one and not the other:

But many argued there are key differences, like pubs being largely indoors, where it’s more likely to be passed onto others, while protests were outdoors. The government's medical adviser Chris Whitty described meeting in places like pubs as a "high risk" activity.

A study of 318 Covid-19 outbreak clusters in China – comprising of 1,245 confirmed cases across 120 cities – found coronavirus transmissions mostly occurred in the home and on public transport. Only one transmission occurred outside, where social distancing had not been observed.

Also, one act is gathering with friends to socialise, while the other is – you know – fighting against systemic oppression and police brutality:

Nope, not the same – sorry.

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