Woman accidentally receives email from potential employer calling her ‘chavvy’

Jake Hall
Sunday 06 May 2018 09:45
Photo: Facebook / Paige Bond

There’s an often-repeated saying: “It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression.”

This advice is usually drilled into us before job interviews, but now the global shift towards online application has meant that we’re first judged not only by out qualifications, but also by our social media accounts.

Paige Bond, a 48-year-old Hampshire jobseeker, recently discovered this when she applied for a job as a box packer at Forest Whole Foods, Dorset.

Shortly after sending her application, she mistakenly received an internal email, written by her potential employer and published in full by The Mail Online:

OK, I know exactly the kind of person she is in my mind.

Small, bubbly, slightly irritating but probably really good at what you need her for – organised, quick, chavvy.

Ironically, the author of this judgemental email is reportedly dedicated to protecting customer privacy.

The message rounds off with one more bizarre observation:

I bet her voice is really irritating.

The employee then requested the email be deleted in case Bond should ever find it.

Naturally, Bond said the message was “disgusting”; she later received a desperate voicemail apology and, perhaps surprisingly, an interview offer, which she attended.

But she says she wasn’t given an in-person apology until she referenced the email at the end of the interview.

Unfortunately, this kind of stereotyping refuses to die.

Bond still hasn’t heard whether or not she has the job, but stated to The Sun:

It's hard enough being unemployed, but to get a kicking for trying to get a job is not good enough.

indy100 has contacted Forest Whole Foods for comment.

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