Zoe Mac Facebook screengrab

A video of a woman unleashing a racist tirade against passengers on a bus in Ohio has gone viral.

In the video, the unnamed woman can be heard shouting the racial slur ‘n****r’ and asking passengers if they had ‘papers to be in this country’:

I hope you all go your mother**king papers. I’m sick of you motherf**kers. You got papers to be in this country?

In a different video, she can be heard shouting: "Go back to your f**king country."

The video was posted on Facebook by Zoe Mac, who had been on the bus at the time.

The man who she had directed her discriminatory words to asked her to ‘please stop’, but it only made her more irate.

First off all, in this country, we have what’s called the First Amendment Right. OK, which [means] I can say whatever the f**k I want. OK?

The woman notices that Mac is taping her, and she marches over and appears to knock the phone out of their hand.

Passengers shout for her to ‘stop’ and one says ‘do not hit anybody’ while another asks a person off-camera:

Grab your mother. That is your mother, Please grab her.

The bus driver called the police and reported the situation, after which point the woman was placed under arrest by the Orangetown Police Department, according to Mount Pleasant.

A spokesperson for Rockland County, Executive Ed Day said:

The type of behaviour displayed by this irate passenger is inexcusable.

I applaud the bus driver, passengers and responding law enforcement for handling this situation as calmly as they did. Rockland County will not tolerate these types of divisions any longer.

We all have much more in common than any superficial differences that appear to divide us.

The woman’s name was not released as she was only charged with violations, however Orangetown Police say they had dealt with the woman earlier that day for ‘the same type of conduct’

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