Waitress fired from her job after racist ‘n****r hunting’ video goes viral

Waitress fired from her job after racist ‘n****r hunting’ video goes viral

A woman has been fired from her job after a racist Snapchat video went viral.

Tabitha Duncan, from Jefferson County in Missouri, was captured on camera using racial slurs.

In the footage, which has since been deleted from Facebook, a man off-camera can be heard telling her:

So we going n****r hunting today or what?

Another echoed the racist sentiment, and the then the first man repeated the question, to which Duncan responded:

You get them n*****s.

Social media condemned Duncan, who recently enlisted in the US Air Force. She was a waitress at Social Bar and Grill, and an online campaign to get her fired was successful. The company issued a statement to River Front Times:

Social Bar and Grill and its owners have recently become aware of a vile, disgusting, and offensive video made by one of its employees. Upon learning of this, Social Bar and Grill immediately terminated this employee as soon as they could reach her.

The incendiary comments made by this employee absolutely does NOT represent the views, opinions and policies of Social Bar and Grill and its owners. Nor will they be tolerated in any fashion.

Duncan shut down her Facebook page, and spoke to New York Daily News, saying:

I was intoxicated. I have black friends. I have black people in my family. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know I was being recorded.

The US Air Force issued a statement about it, and said the incident was being investigated.

We have been made aware of a video online of an alleged reserve Airman who made racially insensitive comments. We are looking into the matter and we appreciate this being brought to our attention.

The U.S. Air Force values diversity and inclusion; our Airmen come together to produce an incredible team that can accomplish any mission and overcome any challenge.

We believe that our greatest asset is our diverse, innovative and technically-savvy workforce. Our Airmen come from all backgrounds and remarks such as these do not fall in line with our culture.

We take incidents like this very seriously and action will be taken upon further investigation as necessary.

indy100 contacted the US Air Force for an update on the story.

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