Woman squats in the middle of plane after being told she can't use bathroom

Woman squats in the middle of plane after being told she can't use bathroom
Woman arrested for running on tarmac to catch plane
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Another day, another plane incident – and this time, it involved a woman taking matters into her own hands after allegedly being refused the bathroom.

In footage shared online, the woman is seen standing in the middle of the aisle apologising to people on the plane. What happened next left fellow travellers mortified with audible gasps heard in the clip.

"Sorry, everybody," she said, before pulling down her pants and squatting. The video implied that – for whatever reason – staff were not giving her access to the bathroom.

Some passengers protested by shouting against her actions.

"I don’t give a f***. F*** you," she shouted back. "I gotta go pee!"

Fortunately for onlookers, the woman did not follow through with her actions and swiftly pulled her pants back up.

There have been several mid-air incidents over the last few months that have attracted attention from viewers across the world.

With the surge in plane footage making waves across the internet, a safety representative for the Federal Aviation Administration stepped in to urge people to stop recording.

"If someone's got a cellphone in your face, it could make the situation worse," Trey Walters told Insider. "If a flight attendant, for example, is trying to attend to a passenger that's having an issue, having people reaching their hands out in front of that person's face, trying to record the situation definitely creates added risk."

The former pilot went on to suggest that attempts to get footage could distract flight attendants from calming down situations.

Walters also emphasised it is always "inappropriate" to film passengers with medical conditions, including the recent "biohazard issue" from a passenger who "had diarrhoea all the way through."

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