Someone tried to say women who dress 'girly' are victims or patriarchy, the internet responded accordingly


It’s 2018 and gender norms are most definitely still a thing. Depressingly, femininity and masculinity are still measured by pointless factors like appearance and dress.

Recently, artist Kiana Mcmillian shared one of her illustrations on her blog. The image she shared was intended to be a cute, light hearted depiction of her at two points in her life.

Though one user took issue with the illustration. Posting on Reddit, the user said that dressing ‘girly’ is a sign that women are oppressed and dressing to satisfy men, saying that feminine dressing is a side-effect of patriarchy.

It is common for people to judge each other by what they wear, but Kiana was not going to be accused of furthering patriarchal narratives. She explained that women should be allowed to wear what they want and shaming them for dressing in a certain way is wrong.

Other users responded, with many sharing experiences of being shamed for dressing girly.

H/T: Bored Panda

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