World's worst humans wave dildos at anti-rape protesters

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Thursday 27 November 2014 18:00

Male members of two fraternities at San Diego State University brought dildos to an anti-rape protest and threw eggs at the women participating, according to reports.

The incidents took place during an anti-rape Take Back the Night march last week, KPBS notes.

Student Jordan Busse, who helped organise the march, said a group waved dildos at the march from a balcony while others pelted the women with eggs.

Students in Manchester, UK, at a Take Back the Night protest

"When you're met with that type of language and those types of actions by people who share the campus with you, it was not only disappointing but also very threatening and intimidating," Busse said.

The next night there two separate incidents of sexual assault reported at the campus.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that InterFraternity Council has now suspended all social activities at the university and all members of fraternities and sororities will be given "sexual assault prevention training".

A spokesperson for San Diego State University could not be reached.

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