This woman's text message to a bully's mother is going viral for the best reason


A woman has gone viral because she received a threatening text from a mum and managed to turn it into a powerful alliance.

Texts from mothers are notorious for being a bit inaccurate - but it's part of why we love them. But this particular one really takes the cake.

Lydia Breunig received a text from a woman claming to be 'Lily's mom'. And the exchange is a sight to behold. The text read:

Hi Heather, this is Lily's mom. I just wanted to say if your daughter ever does that again, some crap is going to go down at the parent group meeting. Thank you and have a good day!!!!

After getting the text, she didn't reply, which seem to annoy Lily's mother, so she sent a few more slightly worrying texts:

"Not gunna reply huh??" one text read, "I know this is you Heather."

That's when Lydia replied, saying that Lily's mum had the wrong number and was entirely threatening the wrong person.

I'm sorry but you have the wrong number... I'm a college student in Iowa so I have no idea who you're talking about

Lydia took the exchange to Twitter and it, appropriately, blew up. She later joked that she would back the mother up at the coming meeting.

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