Channel 4 reporter skewers Boris Johnson with one Partygate zinger

Channel 4 reporter skewers Boris Johnson with one Partygate zinger
Boris Johnson engages in tetchy exchange over Partygate

A Channel 4 News reporter left prime minister Boris Johnson fumbling when they had an awkward Partygate encounter.

Gary Gibbon questioned Johnson after MPs agreed to refer the prime minister to the Privileges Committee to determine whether he misled the House over lockdown events in Downing Street and they didn't exactly see eye to eye.

"If it turned out that the office you preside over, the building you preside over attracted more fixed penalty notices than any other location or event in the history of lockdown, might that be a cause for resignation?" Gibbon asked.

"You're asking me to comment on stuff I don't know about," Johnson replied before Gibbon said he thought the Downing Street events had already "broken that record".

Johnson - as usual - said he would refrain from commenting until the investigation into the parties was finished and mumbled about "getting on" with the country's priorities.

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"You don't want this inquiry to happen," Gibbon said, and said his MPs were worried he was avoiding scrutiny. Take a look at the awkward exchange in full here:

With the parliamentary inquiry, the Sue Gray report and the police investigation now all hanging over Johnson's head, it looks like his Partygate hangover isn't going to ease any time soon.

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