7 of the worst (and best) things the Tories did this week

7 of the worst (and best) things the Tories did this week
Chris Pincher allegations do 'huge damage' to trust in parliament, says Tory ...

What a week in politics the last week has been.

On Monday, Boris Johnson was still very much the prime minister. By Thursday, he was telling the public he is resigning. And between that, we've had more Brexit nonsense, a sleaze scandal and the usual terrible terrible takes.

But it hasn't been all bad. In fact, this week Tories actually did some good - mainly by resigning. And as we are all about balance at indy100 we thought it was worth acknowledging that.

So here are the worst (and best) things the Tories have done this week.

The best

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1. Loads of Tories resigned from government

On Tuesday, Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak resigned from government because of Johnson's handling of the Chris Pincher scandal. Over the next couple of days, almost 60 MPs followed suit and said they were done with Johnson's government and thank goodness they did.

2. Causing Boris Johnson to run out of road

Because it made Johnson realise he no longer had full support of his party and so on Thursday he said he would be resigning, though staying on until the party finds a new leader.

3. And Theresa May to make a very shady speech

And at the same time as Johnson was resigning, Theresa May was giving a speech at the Institute for Government which she used to troll Johnson.

She made a sporting analogy about politics. "In cricket, it's not enough to avoid breaking the rules," she said. "In fact the game requires adherence to its traditions as much as its laws."

She added: "In politics, of course, playing by the rules means following the law."

She also slammed him over Partygate and later that day she was spotted having a good time dancing, as she should.

The worst

So there's the best but the Tories also did some pretty bad stuff this week too.

4. Chris Pincher allegations were handled terribly

First of all, look at what it took Johnson to resign - his dismal handling of Pincher, an MP at the centre of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. First No 10 said Johnson did not know about the allegations, then it was reported he did, causing Number 10 to backtrack and his MPs to finally say they had had enough of him, not least because he presided over a number of other scandals too - like Partygate.

File:Official portrait of Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP crop 2.jpg ...commons.wikimedia.org

5. And Johnson decided to stay on as caretaker PM

And he is staying on until the party finds a new leader rather than going immediately, even though people are not happy about it at all.

George Freeman, who quit as science minister on Thursday morning, said: “Now PM has finally done the decent thing he needs to hand in the seals of office, apologise to Her Majesty, allow her to appoint a Caretaker under whom Ministers can serve, so the Conservative Party can choose a new leader properly."

He is also packing his cabinet with new ministers like Peter Bone.

Give us strength.

6. Because of these Chequers rumours

Then there are the rumours about the reason he is staying on - so he can use Chequers for a wedding party in July. Following reports it has been reported Johnson will use another venue but thinking it was appropriate to use the official country residence of the PM in the first place is pretty bad.

7. And one of his allies behaved badly

And Johnson loyalist Andrea Jenkyns got annoyed with Johnson protestors on the day of his resignation and shouted "wait and see" at them while pointing her middle finger. People thought she was being pretty ominous - and then she was elected as education minister for bad measure.

Just another week in Tory Britain.

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