David Lammy says he regrets nominating Corbyn for Labour leader

David Lammy says he regrets nominating Corbyn for Labour leader

Labour MP David Lammy has admitted he feels regret over nominating Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

The MP for Tottenham made the comments at Limmud festival – a Jewish learning event – to an audience of 300 people online.

According to Jewish News, Lammy told viewers of his regret at being one of 35 MPs to nominate Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in 2015, claiming he never actually believed Corbyn would become leader.

Lammy said: “I regret nominating Jeremy Corbyn and if I knew what I do now I never would have nominated him.

“I never believed he would become leader. That was a mistake and I am sorry for that.”

However, Lammy’s comments have been criticised by some who have accused Lammy of being a “fair-weather friend”.

One person wrote: “I don’t really know what to say about David Lammy’s apology. I grew up in Tottenham. His predecessor Bernie Grant was a great MP and a hero to me.

“To see Lammy treat Grant’s friend Jeremy Corbyn like this is stomach churning. D*** move.”

Another commented: “Lammy sucked up to Corbyn when he was leader, just as much as he sucks up to Starmer now.

“The kind of fair-weather friend you want nowhere near you in a foxhole.”

During the session at Limmud festival, Lammy praised current leader Keir Starmer for overhauling the culture but added there is still work to be done.

He said: “I don’t believe the overall culture is toxic anymore… but until the party is genuinely welcome for everyone we remain on a journey.”

The shadow foreign secretary also claimed he was “staggered” at the antisemitic views held by some who remain in the party,

Lammy said: “I’ve met some of these individuals and am frankly staggered some are still in the party.

“But as a lawyer, I understand that people appeal and go to court. There is a process, which can feel slow and tortuous sometimes, but it must be undertaken.”

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