QAnon followers think JFK disguised himself as Trump during recent rally

QAnon followers think JFK disguised himself as Trump during recent rally

Some QAnon followers believe former US President John F Kennedy attended an Arizona rally disguised as Donald Trump.

The belief that JFK - who has been dead for almost 60 years - will reappear is not new.

In November, conspiracy theorists gathered at the Dealey Plaza in Texas where JFK was assassinated as they believe he and his son John F Kennedy Jr, who died in a 1999 plane crash along with his wife and sister-in-law, will return from the dead to back Trump.

Bizarrely, some believe that JFK Jr. will be Trump’s running mate in 2024, despite being a Democrat.

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These theories got even more surreal over the weekend after it was claimed that JFK attended Trump’s first major rally of 2022.

According to Vice, the group that believes in this conspiracy comprises of “two dozen or so” QAnon followers led by Michael Protzman, who is also known as Negative48.

Apparently after Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake delivered her speech, Trump (or, JFK) invited her back up to the stage. Protzman believes this was to show “how tall she was in relation to Trump”.

Why does height matter? Apparently the height difference reveals that it wasn’t Trump after all as he appeared shorter than he should have been.

Others reportedly claim to have spotted JFK Jr along with his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy at the event.

Apparently rapper Tupac and basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who died in 1996 and 2020 respectively, also made an appearance.

This isn’t the first time conspiracy theorists believe they spotted JFK out and about.

Some believe that JFK impersonated Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones, while others believe there is proof to the JFK Jr. theory in Home Alone 2.

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