Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ scandal gets an explicit Cassetteboy RATM remix

Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ scandal gets an explicit Cassetteboy RATM remix

As the political storm of partygate continues to cast a scandalous shadow over Boris Johnson and Downing Street, Cassetteboy has taken a savage dig at the prime minister’s situation with their remix version of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name.”

Using the apt title, “Rage Against the Party Machine,” the electronic comedy duo have hilariously remixed a minute and a half video of the prime minister’s words from different press conferences to give a sweary and damning overview of the situation and his alleged role in the scandal.

As you comply, I socialise/ With cheese and wine, and forty guys/ From ‘Next slide please’ to wine and cheese/ The rules you see, don’t apply to me,” Johnson speaks in cadence to the rock classic. “And if I get caught, I won’t repent/ I’ll lie and say it was a work event.”

One of the lines refers to a photo obtained by The Guardian that shows Johnson being pictured with cheese and wine alongside his wife and up to 17 staff in the Downing Street garden on May 20th 2020 while during the first Covid lockdown.

While another line directly references the excuse Johnson made in his apology to the House of Commons last week where he admitted that he was at the event in May 2020 but said that he “believed implicitly that this was a work event.”

“So buy some booze/ Fill up a suitcase/ Never mind the news/ Let’s get s**tfaced,” notes the recent revelations where The Telegraph reported that Downing Street allegedly hosted two more parties the night before Prince Philip’s funeral. It’s been claimed that a member of staff was reportedly even sent to the Co-op with a suitcase to fill it with bottles of wine and bring it back to the party.

A Number 10 spokesperson told reporters that the prime minister was not in Downing Street on this day but instead was at Chequers in Buckinghamshire, Sky News reported.

There are also some creative visuals from @IamHappyToast and @Coldwar_Steve that also help bring the remix to life - for example, a photo of the Queen mourning the loss of her husband Prince Philip alone due to Covid restrictions has been edited to show a stockpile of cheese and wine in the pews while members of the government party next to Her Majesty.

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Since dropping the remix yesterday on January 17th, it has already received over 145,000 views on YouTube, and 440,000 views on Twitter.

It’s fair to say the sweary song has garnered a lot of reaction on Twitter, as people have shared their love for the politically relevant tune and praise for Cassetteboy’s creativity.

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