19 of the strangest quotes and moments from Trump's CPAC 2023 speech

19 of the strangest quotes and moments from Trump's CPAC 2023 speech
Trump makes implausible claim that he'd end Ukraine war in a day

Donald Trump has delivered his CPAC 2023 keynote address and if you've seen a speech from the former president before, then you know what to expect.

The disgraced ex-POTUS who is running to become president again in 2024 but faces stiff competition for the Republican candidacy from Florida governor Ron DeSantis, was introduced on stage at CPAC as the 'the next president of the United States.'

Trump's speech closed out the event at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland and to be quite honest, you'd have thought that Trump was still the president given the partizan reception he received from his loyal supporters.

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All in all, Trump spoke for 1 hour 45 minutes and did he give us anything particularly new or revelatory about what his 2024 campaign might look like?

Not really but here are the highlights from his latest epic speech.

Trump kicked things off in an odd fashion, by completely mangling the name of chair of the House Republican Conference Elise Stefanik who he apparently calls "the rocket ship." He also gave a shout to 'Dr Ronny Jackson who according to Trump told him he was "the healthiest man to ever be president, by far, and that he if he wouldn't eat junk food he'd live 200 years."

Trump then went on to lament the '"junkies, Marxists and thugs" who are coming to America that apparently "no other country wants."

Staying with the Marxism stuff, Trump, who might not have been outside of Mar-A-Lago for quite some time, now things that the United States is an a 'communist' state of mind which couldn't be further from the truth.

Trump adds that the party will never return to the days when actual politicians were running it, which worryingly gets a massive cheer from those in attendance.

In a running theme from CPAC 2023, Trump attacked Ukraine and NATO and accused Mitch McConnel of being a "China loving politician."

Also, in breaking news, Trump claimed that he "finished some old wars" while he was president. Answers on a postcard to which war that was.

In possibly the most exciting part of the speech, a gatecrasher attempted to drown out Trump by playing loud hip-hop music but was soon dealt with.

Speaking about his ongoing legal battles, Trump admits that he didn't know the words 'subpoena' or 'grand jury' which is kind of worrying.

In a statement said with no irony whatsoever, Trump calls the Biden administration "the most corrupt in history."

Trump then doesn't so much as so attack the media but suggests that the Pulitzer Prize should be scrapped and that conservative journalists like Sean Hannity and Mark Levine should be awarded prizes.

Trump then mockingly references his "perfect" quid-pro-quo phone to Ukraine, which first got him impeached, when talking about his controversial phone call to Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger after the 2020 election.

He was really reeling off the hits at this point. Next, he brought up Stormy 'horse face' Daniels.

Trump claims that he was told that after Biden was sworn in, he would actually be back in power within six weeks. Spoiler: this didn't happen.

Trump makes a promise to "easily prevent World War 3."

Back to more pressing matters, like his border wall, Trump claims that it was hidden in a "hiding area" but will expand it once he's back in power.

In a compassionate moment, Trump says that he will remove the homeless and drug addicts from American cities and transport them to 'tent cities.'

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, Trump reveals that he still hates wind turbines.

This is an actual quote from the speech: "We have oil and gas but we don’t want the oil and gas cars but we want everything including electric cars but we also want gasoline because the cars go longer."

In a rather gross closing statement Trump promotes a new baby boom adding: "Oh, you men out there are so lucky. You are so lucky, men."

On that note, Trump's 2023 CPAC speech was in the books. Did we learn anything about his 2024 campaign? Not really. Did he waste nearly two hours of our lives? Most definitely.

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