Man perfectly trolls Downing St over garden ‘meeting’ by sending wine and cheese to the cabinet

Man perfectly trolls Downing St over garden ‘meeting’ by sending wine and cheese to the cabinet

A man has delightfully mocked the government over allegations that it held a soiree in Downing Street’s garden during the first national lockdown by sending the cabinet wine and cheese snacks.

The Guardian published photos they said were taken on 15 May 2020 showing around 19 people including Boris Johnson drinking wine and cheese in the garden at a time when people were only allowed to meet one on one outside with strict social distancing and were encouraged to work from home. Downing Street insisted it was a work meeting and Johnson and deputy PM Dominic Raab defended the photos to the press but a lot of people thought quaffing away at work was rather odd.

But Johnson said it was a work meeting so work meeting it is...

So Simon Harris decided that when the cabinet met yesterday to decide whether to implement new coronavirus restrictions to deal with the spread of Omicron, they probably needed some refreshments.

On Twitter, he shared a screenshot of a Deliveroo receipt from the Co-op showing he sent them four bottles of Pinot Grigio and - in lieu of posh cheese - three packets of Dairylea Dunkers Jumbo Tubes Cheese Snacks.

He said: “Boris is holding an emergency cabinet meeting at 2pm, so I’ve asked the local Co-Op on Deliveroo to provide them with wine and cheese as it’s clearly a work gathering. I’ve done the maths - there should be enough for a small glass each as well as a couple of individual dunkables.”

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How kind.

He then showed another screenshot showing it had arrived and we are sure Johnson and his colleagues were thrilled given the meeting yesterday lasted for over two hours.

Delish. Indy100 has contacted Downing Street to see if they received it alright.

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