Jacob Rees-Mogg just got absolutely owned about Tory culture wars

Jacob Rees-Mogg just got absolutely owned about Tory culture wars
Jacob Rees-Mogg clashes with own GB News guest

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg got completely owned during an on-air clash with Marina Purkiss about Tory culture wars.

Political commentator Purkiss appeared on the Tory MP’s GB News show as a guest, but her cameo probably didn't quite go as planned as Rees-Mogg was left utterly humiliated.

The two have strongly opposing views and discussed topics such as Brexit, free speech and “wokeness”.

Their disagreement about the culture wars saw Rees-Mogg question Purkiss on if they are a real phenomenon, to which she responded by claiming the government is using them to win votes.

Purkiss replied: “Oh no, I think they exist. Because people like you and your party in government, they desperately need them to exist because what else are you going to win the next election on?”

Rees-Mogg retorted, suggesting the culture wars are originating from people who want to “pull roads down or edit Roald Dahl”. But, Purkiss pointed out that changing the name of a street named “Black Boy Lane” was justified and added she disagreed with the editing of Roald Dahl’s books.

She then suggested the government was using so-call culture wars as a distraction from real-life issues such as energy bills and healthcare that are impacting lives.

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Purkiss argued: “You’re drawing attention to these things that actually don’t impact people’s lives, and the reason you’re doing that is because otherwise, people might just focus on the real grievances in their life which are basically caused by your government.”

Elsewhere in their conversation, Purkiss accused Rees-Mogg of lying about alleged Brexit benefits.

Purkiss was widely praised for her impressive takedown of the Tory MP in the short space of just 9 minutes.

“Fantastic from @MarinaPurkiss. My new hero. She manages to sweep away Jacob Rees-Mogg's carefully cultivated facade and expose him for the lying, bad faith actor that he is.

“This used to be the standard with Day, Dimbleby and Paxman but has become a lost art,” someone tweeted.

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