Laurence Fox claims he has ‘pub bants’ but no one believes him

Laurence Fox claims he has ‘pub bants’ but no one believes him
Twitter/ Laurence Fox

No one can believe that Laurence Fox has good “pub bants”.

Posting on Twitter, the former actor who is now running for London mayor on the much needed anti-lockdown, anti-woke and general crank ticket, celebrated the reopening of pubs yesterday:

But people on social media were not sure if the banter was flying in the photo.

Indeed, one said using the term was “the saddest thing ever”:

Another pointed out that his companions looked thoroughly unimpressed at his chat:

Meanwhile, someone informed him that he was not fighting against the government and was actually only allowed to go to the pub because it had been newly opened. By the government:

Aside from this, the “bants” occurring in this photo requires further analysis to decide just how much pub bants Fox has for the government to “suppress”.

Firstly, our top data journalists have confirmed that there are eight people in this reboot of Avengers Assemble and, although they are sat at two tables, they do not all appear to be social distancing. Current lockdown rules stipulate that people may only gather in groups of six outdoors – which does not seem to have deterred Fox. This shows him to be cheeky as they come but, unfortunately, any attempt to thwart lockdown rules is not good banter. It is 0/10 banter.

The drinks of choice Lozza and his pals are quaffing including three pints of Estrella Damm, which is a lager – and so is good banter – but is brewed in Spain, in the EU – which may explain why some of his party - which includes former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, look so distressed. 5/10 banter.

The photo was uploaded at 4.41pm and on a Monday no less, which is quite a cheeky time to get plastered and if he brings as much zeal to being mayor as he does to drinking then perhaps he could get out vote after all? 11/10 banter.

Ah, Lozza. He’s right, no government can suppress pub bants, but he certainly can.

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